What is Laser Quest?
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  • What is Laser Quest?
    Laser Quest is the world's best known and most exciting brand of Laser Tag game. Whether you're 6 or
    66 you'll love the adrenaline pumping exhilaration of stalking your opponents and unleashing a volley of
    laser fire in the battle-zone of the 21st century.

  • Playtime
    To play Laser Quest you enter a fantasy world where you compete in a game of electronic tag. Each player is equipped with 'state of the art' laser tag equipment and plays the game in a uniquely styled labyrinth which features custom built scenery, ramps, catwalks, lighting effects, swirling fog and futuristic music.

    Points are scored when you successfully zap your opponent on one of the many sensors located on the pack and gun. But beware, if you are zapped you lose points and get knocked out of the game for a few seconds.

    Using the Laser Quest software platform limitless game variations can be created from simple solo and team games to more complex advanced team games, sentinel games and base station games.

  • What's the Score?
    Typically, laserquest sessions last 20 minutes with up to 20 players in each session. Each session includes all the equipment you need and a briefing on how to play.

    At the end of your game scores will be displayed on the score monitor with printed scorecards handed out for you to keep.

  • Respect
    Laser Quest is completely safe. Please observe the game safety rules which are outlined prior to your game. We recommend dark casual comfortable clothes and flat shoes with a sole that grips.
  • What is it like inside?
    Check out our picture gallery for pictures of our laser arena!
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