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How long do the games usually last? =

All standard games run for 15 minutes game time and the kit up time! usually around 20 minutes in total per game!!

What time do I have to arrive? =

You MUST arrive at LEAST 20 minutes before your game time in order to book yourselves in at mission control, pay and allocate player's names to their packs etc...

What happens when we all get in there, how does it work? =

When you arrive you need to check in at Mission Control; every player must choose a name.  Once we have entered all player names into the computer system you will be issued with a pack number. This pack number is your own personal pack which matches your name on the computer.

You will then be briefed where a member of staff will explain the rules and objectives of your game. After the briefing you will move into the arena area to enter the game and begin your mission!

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How much does it cost? =

Prices are located on our pricing page.  Click here for pricing

How old do you have to be to play? =

Laser Quest is suitable for players of all ages from 6 years old and upwards.  Younger children may be able to play if they are physically able to wear the pack. If not, then an adult can wear the pack and accompany the child during the game. As the laser unit is connected to the pack by a flexible cable it enables the child to participate without having to wear a pack.

Do we need to book? =

No, but it is advisable. Without booking we cannot guarantee there will be availability when you arrive. If we are busy and you have not booked in advance you may have to wait for several hours before we can fit you in. To book in please call us on the phone number or visit us directly.
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